Drylight is an exclusive patented Masiero line reproducing the iconic Venetian chandelier for outdoor use. A complete range with IP66 protection and LED technology, available in the versions RGB-W, with the possibility of generating an infinite range of colours, and WHITE, with the possibility of modifying only the intensity of the white light.

Drylight® technology with IP66 protection: total safety in all climatic conditions

DRYLIGHT® is the heart of the technology of this fascinating style project. It is the result of years of research by the Masiero R&D department which has managed to develop a technology that responds efficiently and definitively to three problems that until now seemed insurmountable:

  • Protection against water and dust penetration, corrosion resistant.
  • Resistance to stress, wind and shocks.
  • Lightness, modularity and simplicity of installation.

The DRYLIGHT® technology, an industrial patent, allows MASIERO to offer a complete line of OUTDOOR lighting products with IP66 protection degree.

Thanks to this technology it is now possible to set up any outdoor environment with stylish chandeliers.

Drylight IP66

Drylight line with IP66 protection factor which guarantees total protection from water.


Illuminazione a luce LED bianca oppure a LED RGB-W, che consente la possibilità di ricreare infiniti scenari di luce.

DMX Protocol

La versione RGB-W è dotata di una centralina di controllo che consente diverse tipologie di gestione da parte dell’utente:

  • DMX compatible home automation
  • Smartphone and tablet app
  • Remote on request

Available in the Extreme version, with polycarbonate pendants and prisms, recommended for outdoor use, and in the Premium version, with ground crystal pendants and octagons, recommended for indoor use.

  • UV rays
  • Moisture and dust
  • Temperature
  • Wind

Resistente ai raggi UV grazie alla struttura in policarbonato che non cristallizza o ingiallisce. Testato per gli ambienti estremi.

Resistente all’umidità, alla polvere ed alla corrosione. ideale per utilizzi in bagni, spa e piscine. testato in nebbia salina, ideale per aree costiere e utilizzi marittimi.

Resistant to high and low temperatures, tested in a climatic chamber with repeated thermal excursions from -30 ° c to + 50 ° c.

Resistente alle sollecitazioni e al vento. Testato in galleria del vento fino ad oltre 80 km/h.

Outdoor products

Drylight TL6


Drylight STL6


Drylight S6


Drylight S24


Drylight S18


Drylight S12


Drylight A2