Masiero has been imagining, developing and producing high-end decorative lamps for interiors and exteriors since 1981. Technical ability, passion for technology and design: these are the elements that combined together make the Masiero brand unique.

About us

The Masiero collections express a perfect balance between technical know-how and sophisticated aesthetics, ranging from classic products to contemporary items, for interiors and exteriors.

Manufacturing exclusively Made in Italy, high quality materials, technical ability to develop customized solutions, the passion for technology and design: these are the elements that combined together make Masiero unique. With over forty years of family business history, Masiero produces high-end decorative lighting items, with particular attention to the metal working process. Each product comes to life within the Casale Sul Sile (Treviso) plant, where the specialized production chain covers the entire production cycle.

The artisanal production and the internal management of the production process make it possible to customize each single item, adapting it to the customer’s needs. The traditional Venetian chandeliers are the starting point for conceptual innovations that have led Masiero to new horizons, close to architectural lighting. The company has an international vocation by exporting to over 80 countries, with a wide range of products that meet different needs and tastes.



We are Italian in the hands, thanks to the craftsmanship that distinguishes us, but we are Italian above all in the mind, in the Vision of Design.

Family business

Masiero is a family of people where each member finds his own success in the success of the brand, being aware of being a unique resource with his skills.


Curiosity drives us to pursue all that is new, unknown, be it a new product, a new technology, a new market segment or a new international context.


Challenges do not scare us, on the contrary they stimulate us because they allow us to evolve as a company and as people. Determination allows us to pursue our goals.


Each processing step takes place within the company, entrusted to the expert hands of an artisanal production, daughter of the Venetian tradition of the glass chandelier.


The passion we arouse is the same one we feel: for our products and for the project from which they are born.

Our history