Masiero develops its collections from the Dimore catalog in partnership with international designers.

In close collaboration with creatives, chandeliers are created to be beautiful and functional, responding to Masiero’s design idea: The light you are.

Pierre Gonalons

I try to draw dreams and Masiero has realised one, the Horo collection.

Oriano Favaretto

My desire was to find a formal solution through an architecture suspended in space. A search for an ideal formal balance between full and empty spaces.

Omri Revesz

More than proposing a fixed solution, I always prefer to create an open platform that allows people to interact and propose additional and unexpected values ​​to the project.

Marco Zito

An object is only as good as the thought behind it.

Marc Sadler

Masiero’s designs are the result of reciprocal listening, in a dialogue between a company ready to explore new areas and a designer who asks for nothing more than a dynamic partner with whom to explore new design territories. This is how ideas take shape to become innovative products firmly rooted in tradition

Mammini Candido

Passion and determination to always achieve the best.

Gianpaolo Rampolla & Andrea Liguori

The only way to do a great job is to love what you do... and we love to design and draw!