Mammini Candido

Passion and determination to always achieve the best.

Letizia Mammini and Valeria Candido founded Lo Studio in 2003, specialising in lighting and lamp design.

They are part of the Light Collective: Women in Lighting.

With a refined and ironic style, they have designed numerous lighting projects for private homes in Italy and the Arab countries, from a large penthouse in the centre of Modena, to a historic frescoed palace in Romagna and modern villa with private beach in Bahrain.

Mammini Candido have designed around thirty decorative and technical luminaires for various Italian and foreign companies.

They follow the design from planning to production with the utmost care, personally supervising all phases.

They are consultants for the European PeroCube project to develop new sustainable light sources on perovskite.

Passionate about art and garden design and appreciative of the quality of Italian craftsmanship, Letizia and Valeria love to create works of substance and light for “collectors of emotions” to be installed in gardens and other settings.

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