Giovanni Battista Gianola

Giovanni Battista Gianola was born in Venice in 1967.

After completing his studies at the Graphics School on the island of San Giorgio Maggiore, he began working as a graphic designer in advertising agencies in Treviso and Milan, where he deepened his knowledge of graphics and communication.

In the meantime, he continued to cultivate his passion for the ancient art of typography and typefaces, a journey that began in the historic composition workshops steeped in the smell of ink, old wood and molten lead.

It was here that Giovanni learned the sense of harmony and proportion and laws of aesthetics that link the parts to the whole. His curiosity led him to study the “semantics of things” and the expressiveness of form inextricably linked to function.

In 1996 he founded Argine, his design and communication studio, which today continues to collaborate with prestigious interior design, architecture, fashion and food brands. The identity of his studio lies in its design eclecticism.

Giovanni believes that every manifestation of a brand is a piece of its identity and must be as authentic and sincere as possible.

In his role as creative director, Giovanni Battista Gianola supports his clients’ objectives with his aesthetic sensitivity and experience in strategic marketing to design objects, images and signs that speak the unmistakable language of the brand of which he is the foremost ambassador.

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