Christmas in Italy

Blog Dec 14, 2021

Christmas in Italy

The cold and shorten days are getting closer, lights start to bright in the streets decorated with red and green details, and huge Christmas trees appear in the main squares. People hurry across the streets with a lot of packages in their hands, bagpipers play Christmas melodies all around, and Babbo Natale give candies to the children. The Christmas atmosphere is really felt in the Bel Paese since this holiday is one of the most important ones in the country. Although there are commons traits, the magic of Natale is different all over the world. This is the perfect occasion to meet up with your family, sit around the table and enjoy a delicious and exquisite menu. The charm of this day lasts until late, while playing board games, tasting Italian delicacies and good wines, and unwrapping all the presents! Italians really like to decorate their home, and the choice of the right lighting it is fundamental to create the perfect atmosphere and here we would to show you the several suggestion come from Masiero!

If you live in a country cottage, Libe with its wood frame and the precious diffuser in opaque crystal lozenges could be perfect for lights up your favourite armchair, looking the snow and delight in the warmth of the fireplace.

Are you in love with the gold and white? A Leaf gold Dame suspension composition will be the excellent choice for your modern living room, next to your amazing Christmas tree!  

Simplicity and good taste are your keywords. If the snow is falling outside and you don’t like the cold, take a sit on your sofa with your favourite book, light up the Sound and enjoy your home.  

Are you crazy for Christmas? Treat yourself a piece of the Masiero Limited Gold Edition! A special dress for the iconic Masiero’s collection celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company. A gold plated finishing make the products unique! You could choose the Nappe, and place them close to your bed as little jewels.  

If you want to make your living room shining, Olà is the best solution to bring a sparkling touch!

You are a lover of classical chandelier: Maria Teresa is the perfect mix between classic and modern thanks to the traditional shape and the led lighting technology, the modern trend of light source!

You can not give up to a touch of vintage: Horo with its simple line and the ‘50s style in this limited edition with the glass in gold tone is your masterpiece.  

Honicè will be the special guest on your festive table! Simple line, block color and an iconic design are the winner ingredients of your secret recipe!