How to choose a modern crystal chandelier

Blog Oct 21, 2022

How to choose a modern crystal chandelier

The choice of a modern crystal chandelier must be made taking into account some fundamental factors, which must all respond to the goal of creating a perfect harmony with the furnishings of the house.

The crystal chandelier represents a real piece of furniture, and as such must integrate with the style of the house. Modern crystal chandeliers differ from the classic ones for their style and aesthetic attention to detail, advanced technology and the ability to give value to space, adding a touch of unmistakable class.

The main feature of these products is undoubtedly the excellence of the materials with which they are made, the crystals, which can be transparent or colored, combined with chrome or gold frames.

These chandeliers are extraordinarily scenic, so much so that they often become the undisputed protagonists of the space in which they are fitted. They can be used in all rooms, even if they often find their most optimal placement in living rooms and bedrooms.

The variety of shapes, colors and sizes allows you to choose according to the most varied needs. They can be made with circular, square or rectangular geometric shapes, or with particular design shapes, with transparent or colored crystals, in different sizes, just to meet the most varied needs

Versatile and able to perfectly combine functionality and aesthetic charm in a single piece of furniture, the modern crystal chandeliers give the room a very chic touch and fit perfectly not only in classic spaces, but also in modern ones.

Before proceeding with the choice of the chandelier, it is necessary to analyze well the kind of room, then the size and the type of space to be illuminated, which will determine the number of lights. It’s fundamental to remember that every type of room has different lighting needs.

Other elements to consider are the height of the ceiling, which if too low excludes the choice of important chandeliers or particular shape, the presence or absence of other sources of lighting and the colors of the walls.

Properly chosen, modern crystal chandeliers are able to create striking contrast effects and add a touch of luxury and magic to the environment.

Masiero has a wide range of proposals in crystal, which meet the most varied needs. Here are just some of the solutions you can find in our Atelier catalogue.

Maria Teresa, classic Venetian chandelier characterized by galvanized metal arms covered in glass with crystal pendants, is available in various sizes and shapes from which to choose the one that best suits for our space.

It is available with gold or chrome frame, with classic or integrated LED lighting, available with Dynamic White technology, which allows the control of light temperature, or Rgb, which allows to change the color of the light, making the environment different every time.

If you are looking for a more minimal but always highly spectacular solution, you will fall in love with the geometric suspensions of the Impero&Deco catalogue. The circular or square metal frame, with one or more levels, serves as a frame with crystal lozenges that elegantly illuminate the space.

Crystal falls characterized by long chains of pendants can have a contemporary look if inserted in the correct environment, going to embellish it.

Are looking for a customizable solution? Programs catalogue is the best for your needs.

If you are fall  in love with linear shapes, you can give space to the imagination with Cubo, suspensions or ceiling modular light system with square or rectangular base.

If you prefere sinuous shapes, you can get excited with Galassia, amazing modular ceiling system.  

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