How to manage light in a reading corner

Blog Nov 8, 2021

How to manage light in a reading corner

Choosing the right light is essential in creating your own relaxing corner at home.

Intensity, position and kind of lighting can make the difference when in the evening, you relax by dedicating yourself to the noble art of reading.

Imagine coming home after a long work day. The only thing you want is to relax, letting yourself be pampered by the embrace of your favorite armchair, with your reading lamp as a silent companion, immersing yourself in the imaginary world of your favorite novel.

What could be more relaxing than a reading corner made to measure for you, with extreme care and attention? The color of the walls, the furnishings and of course the light, which accompanies you at all times of the day, changing according to your needs.

When you think about relaxation, the first words that come to mind are tranquility, serenity and comfort. How to concretely transfer them to your reading corner? Start with the piece of furniture on which you will relax with your book. It could be a comfortable armchair, perhaps with a retro taste and near the window overlooking the garden, or a soft and comfortable sofa. Once you have found the perfect place, customize it with objects that talk about you, it will make you feel at ease. The choice of light will be crucial, since the lamp will choose at the same time a functional piece of furniture and will be at your reading, providing you with the right light to give you pages and pages of adventures without straining your eyes.

Which reading lamp to choose? The alternatives are essentially two: the floor or table lamp. The first generates a more diffused light, which descends from the other to illuminate the pages. If you have a tea table next to your reading corner, you can opt for a table lamp that creates a more intimate atmosphere.

If you have opted for floor lamps, you can choose between Blake, with its minimal and captivating design, it will also give a touch of grit to the environment. The black frame and the diffuser in Venetian glass plates make this lamp easily combinable with different colors of furniture.

If you are a lover of softer and more captivating shapes, Eva is the perfect product for you. The wide range of colors offered in the catalogue allows you to choose the one that best fits your room.

If you are a fan of retro taste, Horo with its glass diffuser available in different finishes and colors will illuminate your readings with the eye of light which, by turning the lamp, you can direct it towards you.

Design will enter your home thanks to the Sound floor lamp, an iconic product of the Dimore Masiero catalogue. If you choose the LED version, you can modulate the light thanks to the dimmer according to your needs and moods

For your reading table, on the other hand, a lamp like Marco Zito’s Cupole is the design solution that will bring a touch of Venetian style to your home. This product is also available in the floor version.

If you are a lover of the classic revisited in a modern way, the Darshan table lamp is your perfect choice. Entirely covered in leather, it is available in 3 colors.