Restaurant lighting, how to better manage the light points

Blog Aug 1, 2022

Restaurant lighting, how to better manage the light points

Establishing the lighting of a restaurant is one of the crucial steps to making the space unique and sophisticated. Follow our tips to make the most of the room and tables. 

Who is collecting ideas for decorating the dining room of a restaurant should always keep in mind the importance of lights. Their location, intensity, choice of design lamps and chandeliers have a huge impact on the overall allure of the space. 

To find the perfect lamps for a restaurant room, you need to keep in mind different elements and mix them tastefully into the decor of the entire room.

The lighting technology like the choice of the lights position inside a space, is part of the interior design of the dining room since the first drafts. To renovate a restaurant or create it from scratch, thinking about lights is indispensable. 

Three key elements must be keep in mind: 

• the style of the general furnishing; 
• the atmosphere you want to give to the restaurant; 
• the concrete role of the chosen lamps. 

If it is true that a restaurant needs a cozy and sometimes romantic atmosphere, it is equally true that diners need a functional light to enjoy the dishes that will be served to them.

So be careful not to leave the lighting of a restaurant entirely to the ambient lights, the soft ones that create atmosphere. It is very important to have direct lights such as pendant lamps on each table, to allow moments of conviviality among diners. 

At the moment when the ideas for furnishing the restaurant are established, identifying the points of entry of natural light and the degree of exposure of the environment is useful for several reasons. Natural light can be used in some hours of the day, especially if the restaurant has large windows and a beautiful view, while in other situations it should be screened, with blackout curtains or impalpable fabrics according to the atmosphere you want to create.

Where natural light is lacking, the restaurant’s lighting becomes even more important. Those who create the project of the dining room will have to provide several lamps and chandeliers to allow a lit and welcoming space to the diners of each table. 

A beautiful idea for the lighting of the restaurant are the chandeliers, large or small or multiple. Choosing them in harmony with other furniture ideas will allow you to have a harmonious and elegant room.

For example, in a contemporary-style dining room with golden details, the Honicè suspension will look great, both on the bar counter and on the individual tables. The linear shape of the painted metal frame in an elegant matt gold is made precious by the diffusers in natural onyx slabs. 

The Cupole, characterized by an essential design but made unique by the double internal/ external finish, will be the optimal choice for common areas of restaurants with large surfaces.

A restaurant with a glam taste can be perfectly illuminated by Posy, which with its minimal and refined shape elegantly illuminates the tables.