The interior design for Junaid Khan

Collaborations Aug 8, 2022

The interior design for Junaid Khan

Dear Junaid, how is the creative idea behind the project born?

The idea was born out as with all my projects from a need to resolve the current problems and issues with the current space and its personality. 

How do you prepare for project development?

By understanding its current issues, client’s aspirations and what the space needs from an objective point of view, which could be different to the clients vision. 

What are the aspects that most affect your choices? The space? The personality of the customer? 

The choices can dictate them selves based on the space you have to deal with and how you see the space as you flow through it addressing the focal points and directing a person visually through it.

The personality of a customer usually can also affect choices and direction but the hope is the idea is sold well enough for the customer to be onboard. 

How does the research of suppliers take place? What are the fundamental characteristics they must have?

My research is based on two methods the first is based on my knowledge of products based on product collections I’ve seen physically and through web or printed material and the other is by methodical selection of ‘brands’ and their design ethos for the right fit for the project and seeing if there is a product of the size and style which works. Sometimes it’s a beautiful marriage and fit, as it was in my case for the Marhaba project.

What is the lighting role in your project? When do you choose the light?

The lighting is a key component in any design in any space.

How the space is lit is very important and where it’s a feature piece or architectural it is the one element that has the power to create drama or tranquillity. 

There is no right methodology as to when you might select a light, however I generally form a shape or a layout of the space and begin the lighting selection to fit the designs personality. 

What kind of relationship do you have with your suppliers? Do you actively involve them in the process? If so, to what extent? 

Usually the relationships with suppliers are kept close and helps to meet the representatives to see new collections. In terms of actively involving suppliers this engagement is usually initiated when there is a selection made and requires more information or if product can be modified for the project i.e. if a light fitting can be made larger or smaller.

If you were to share advice with your colleagues about lighting décor, what would you suggest?

To collate brands that create unique lighting pieces which would help in forming its design language. To be well informed of current collections and ahead of the curve and brands that work towards that idea.

If you were to share advice with final customer, what would you suggest to weigh up for their purchases?

In all instances my work relys on focus points within the interiors and feature lights are weighted equally to some of the main features of the space as your eye is always drawn to the brighter objects. 

Why did you choose Masiero?

Masiero has a beautiful collection of unique lighting products that create detailed finishes and simple shapes, which have immediate visual impact. 

After Two years of art school Junaid Khan studied a degree in Furniture design at the ‘London College of Furniture’ and a Masters in Manufacturing Engineering before working in digital and 3d design. In 2009 he founded and created ‘Bibi Interiors’ designing interiors with bespoke furniture elements in his work, nominated for 6 design wards and international design awards from SBID and Northern design awards.