Milano Design Week 2023

Events Apr 5, 2023

Milano Design Week 2023

“This year’s Euroluce is a compelling international event of the highest level for the lighting design sector. With its renewed format, it aims to improve the experience of visitors from all over the world and to showcase the latest innovations introduced by Italy’s lighting companies after four challenging years. We will also be featuring at Fuorisalone, in Brera, with an original installation by Studio MILO named “Oltre la Forma”, to amaze a less specialised public but no less interested in lighting design with particularly decorative solutions”. Enrico Maria Masiero – CEO

Different concepts and spaces for the two Masiero installations on show at Milan Design Week. New designers interpreting their collections based on their different approaches to one of the fundamental aspects of any design project – lighting.

EUROLUCE 2023 – HALL 11 | BOOTH 202

Euroluce 2023 will be very different from the previous ones, with a complete rethinking of the layout of the light fair based on a project by Lombardini 22. A loop-shaped plan will optimise routes taking into the pavillions elements that are typical of city spaces to foster the creation networks and community. An ideal city, enriched by interdisciplinary and experiential cultural content, exhibitions, talks, workshops and installations.

Masiero will present the new indoor and outdoor collections, designed by internationally renowned designers, in a Booth projected by Nooii Agency.

When designing the exhibition space, we placed a strong emphasis on eco-sustainability. Our project features walls made from eco-sustainable, fully recyclable materials, which can be repurposed within the company’s showroom to reduce waste. We will also be installing a garden within the exhibition space, featuring real plants that will later be transplanted to the company’s gardens. Finally, we will use furniture crafted from natural fibers or other materials with a minimal environmental impact. (cit. Nooii Agency).”

HALL 11 | BOOTH 202 18 — 23 April 2023 9.30 am/6.30 pm


In Via Statuto 16, at the heart of the Brera Design District, visitors may admire the fluid and anthropocentric installation “Oltre la Forma” by Studio MILO, showcasing the new surrealist “Visio” collection by the duo Nava + Arosio Studio and “Cordea Giardini” by Favaretto&Partners, both in an exclusive limited edition for the Design Week.

Our inspiration for designing this year’s exhibition, just as it was last year, came from the product. The space was treated as a blank canvas, providing the opportunity to create a bespoke project for the Visio and Cordea collections. At the heart of our design lies the concept of dialogue: between the lamps, architectural elements, and between light and space itself .(cit. Studio Milo).”

Via Statuto 16 – Brera Design District Opening 18-23 April 11 am/9 pm Press Preview 17 April 11 am/6 pm

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Author of the article

Alessia D’Alesio

Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero