The Design for Oriano Favaretto

Collaborations May 16, 2022

The Design for Oriano Favaretto

A designer from Treviso who collaborates with a Venetian company: Oriano, what links you to Masiero, in addition to professional collaboration?

Human contact with this company binds me. Masiero is not only a place of experimentation but also a family. A shared space where many people and ideas are in tune sharing the same goals and the same enthusiasm.

You have already designed two collections for Masiero, Honicé and Ribbon. What does this third project represent? Have you lived it as a continuity or a chance to experience new things?

Continuity and experimentation can be complementary concepts, although apparently they seem in antithesis. Often, as nature teaches us, spontaneous things find in evolution their inevitable change.

I see my collaboration with Masiero as a transformation, the result of a process of growth and evolution, which in design always pushes you to seek new forms.

What was the starting point for creating Iglù? What were, if any, the design challenges you had to face and solve?

The most original things are born simple. Simplicity as a complex challenge, but natural, like our passions. In Iglù the sphere is split and becomes half solid and half intertwined

A jewel suspended with its intimate, inner light, which makes it mystical and introspective in its rise in space.

My desire to overcome the gravity of materials was expressed through spheres arranged around a ring in a regular scan.

How, from your point of view, does Iglù complete and represent an evolution of the Masiero range?

Iglù represents at the same time a stylistic evolution for Masiero, but also the consolidation of its corporate identity linked to metal.

The desire to create a minimal and contemporary object, but with a sculptural flavor that makes it unique and unique, represents a challenge for the company and for the designer.

Create an essential object that arouses a strong emotional impact, combining a slightly retro look with modern lighting technologies.

Metal, an element of the company’s tradition skilfully shaped, becomes the natural seat for the LED light source.