The interior design for Racha Kayali

Collaborations May 23, 2022

The interior design for Racha Kayali

Dear Racha, How is the creative idea behind the project born?

The creative idea behind the project might have different sources: It could be the project’s subject, location, surrounding environment, or simply the client’s request. Our role as interior architects is to read all these elements ideally to put them together in harmony.

How do you prepare for project development?

Once the client approves the main idea, we start to collect the elements to build the project: from walls & floor treatment to the ceiling, which includes the architectural lighting, and finally, the furniture and the decorative lighting.

What are the aspects that most affect your choices? The space? The personality of the customer?

As I mentioned above, both aspects are fundamental in elaborating the main idea of a project. However, the space is the most essential in my opinion. The skill of a talented interior architect is not only to be creative but also to catch a part of the customer’s personality, match it with the space and emphasize it.

How does the research of suppliers take place? What are the fundamental characteristics they must have?

First, the style should match with the project’s mood board. Second, the supplier’s ability to adjust or modify the product if there are any constraints in the selection or the installation. Third, the financial budget.

What is the lighting role in your project? When do you choose the light?

Light has an essential role in all my projects, whether Architectural lights or Decorative. As you know, at the very beginning of life, God created heaven and the earth. The earth was void and did not have any form; darkness was upon the deep face. Then, God said, “Let there be light”: and there was light.

What kind of relationship do you have with your suppliers? Do you actively involve them in the process? If so, to what extent?

Once the material, furniture, and lighting fixtures are selected, the suppliers become part of the work team. They are involved in all aspects of their domain, from coordinating with the contractors to the installation on site.

If you were to share advice with the final customer, what would you suggest to weigh up for their purchases?

First, their purchase should match the project’s style. The company’s legacy is another critical point, and its representative cooperation is essential for me.

Why did you choose Masiero?

Honestly, it’s Raqam. I fell in love with this majestic chandelier, which ingeniously combines the elegance of classical lines and advanced technology in led lighting.

In addition, the successful business relationship with Mr. Andrea Borsato, the Masiero Area Manager in charge for Middle East area, makes me discover other lines from Masiero and propose them to my clients.

 RK Interior Architecture is a studio specialized in residential and commercial interior projects. Racha Kayali, the founder, is an Interior Architect who graduated from the ESAM Design School in Paris. She then worked at the Wilmotte & Associates agency in Paris for 3 years. She is now a member of Nidal Group and has signed prestigious projects all around the Middle East including Riyadh, Dubai and Beirut.