Customized and modular lighting: Raqam by Masiero

Blog Sep 1, 2022

Customized and modular lighting: Raqam by Masiero

In making a truly unique space, the use of custom chandeliers and design can be a real breakthrough. Discover one of the most versatile proposals created by Masiero.
Born from the need to make interior design a truly personal expression of its taste and personality, the modular lighting system Raqam, designed by Marc Sadler, mixes with skill a decorative style to the maximum customization of the space.

This lighting system consists of seven modules, infinitely modular.
With Raqam once you have identified the space to illuminate you will have to choose the modules that will make up your solution, defining the arrangement of the modules in the space.
The same module can give life to different solutions, being possible to choose the inclination, the radial repetitions, rather than the repetitions in height, length and width.

By tilting the modules differently it is possible to obtain various shapes and sizes, both ceiling and wall.
Contemporary aesthetics have highlighted a visceral need to be oneself in every area. From fashion to furniture, from your own look to life choices, every detail with which you present yourself to the world tells your true self.
Why shouldn’t all this be reflected in the choices of lighting design in the home rather than in the contract world? When designing lighting, the choice of a modular lamp also makes this detail a statement of style.

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero