Entrance lighting

Blog Oct 28, 2021

Entrance lighting

The entrance of the house is the point of union between inside and outside, it represents the space of conjunction of two different worlds.

The lighting of the entrance is particularly important and difficult to do, having to respect a precise balance, the existing one between the outside world and a space shared with everyone and your personal space. The space dedicated to you and the people you love begins on the doorstep, representing a moment of familiarity for you and your loved ones and the prelude to what awaits.

If you are lucky enough to own a large foyer, rich in natural light and space, it is easy to create a wow effect, ranging between different styles depending on your taste.

You can choose a rain of color with the Vollee composition, a collection born from an idea of the duo of designer Lorenz+Kaz. Your foyer will be the theater where a representation of design and color will be staged.

If you’re a glass and metal lover, Vegas designed by Marc Sadler is the perfect light sculpture for you.

You can light up your space playing with different size elements, creating compositions similar to the sparkle of Las Vegas.

Different is your choice of solutions offered by Masiero if you are an admirer of classical chandeliers.

You can visually illuminate your entrance with an iconic piece of Venetian tradition, the Maria Teresa, the classic chandelier built with arms covered in glass and dressed with pendants.

Another solution is represented by Raqam, a led modular lighting system, born from the creative genius of Marc Sadler, that lends itself to infinite shapes combinations.

Raqam will allow you a perfect customization of your entrance lights, which no one else in the world will own.

For an optimal result create the lighting of the entrance in continuity with the style of the next space.

If you love modern style, the lamps with a contemporary taste are the right choice for you.

If you are an admirer of the timeless classic you can choose between icons inherited from the past.

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero