The interior design for Favaretto/Partners

Collaborations Jun 26, 2023

The interior design for Favaretto/Partners

Francesco, where did inspiration come from in the creation of this collection? Where did his name come from?

Cordea was born from the desire to reinterpret the classic industrial lamp with lamellar head in aluminum, in a contemporary key under the aesthetic and material point of view, looking for that extra quid “up to date” given by the tape called, in Venetian dialect, Cordea.

Which was the project journey?

Cordea marks my first collaboration with Masiero and in fact, from the presentation of the project to the realization, the collection has not had major formal aesthetic changes.

Could you describe how have you chosen materials, colours and finishes?

We love to make several materials dialogue in a single product.
In Cordea there are 3 materials: metal for the body, injection plastic for glulam head, and rubber or leather for bands.

How, from your point of view, does Cordea represent an evolution in the Masiero offer? What are its commercial strengths?

Cordea is a collection designed for both indoor and outdoor, thanks to the use of different finishes and materials between the two versions. Flexible, transversal and ductile, Cordea creates a link between indoor and outdoor.

If you have to suggest Cordea to architects and interior designers, what are the environments for which this collection is best suited?

Cordea has been born from my desire to make a collection “total look” that could cover as many spaces as possible creating a dialogue between indoor and outdoor as they are a single space. There is no better fitter environment than another.

How could you describe your design?

Our approach to design is certainly industrial, that’s why I like to call myself an industrial designer. We like to combine creativity with the technical side.

In your opinion, which are the basic characters needed for a new product?

Surely for the development of a product the four-handed work “designer/ company” is that extra quid that makes a good idea turn into a great product. For us, if this synergy is missing, it is not profitable to start a new collaboration, and with Masiero we immediately felt in tune.

It is not easy to design a lighting concept that works well both indoors and outdoors. What were the key points of this development?

It is not easy because the outdoor rules are very strictly! We started by trying to design the most beautiful lighting outdoor collection and then go inside! I am really satisfied from the result, I hope you too!

How does the indoor version differ from the outdoor version?

Aesthetically nothing and the challenge was just that! We wanted to give different finishes for the interior and change the material of the Cordea to satisfy even the most demanding customers and the most precious contexts.

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager