Design Shanghai 2023

MASIERO opens in China and showcases its most representative collections at 2023 Design Shanghai (8-11 June), one of the leading events in China’s designer furniture and lighting sector.

Masiero takes up the challenge of the Chinese luxury design market and opens its first Asian branch in Shanghai – the third worldwide, alongside North America and the Emirates.The Treviso-based Group, with HQ and production facilities in Casale sul Sile (TV), where the company was founded in the early ’80s, is specialised in the production and distribution of high-end lighting, especially on a bespoke basis.And it is precisely custom projects that will form the focus of the company’s presence in China, and in Asia in general.

Enrico Maria Masiero comments: “In China, we will position ourselves exclusively at the top-end of the market, offering highly decorative lighting solutions to a high potential market.When we decided to open a branch this year, we focused on the area of Shanghai due to its large high-end local market and numerous architecture studios. After China, we aim to expand more generally into the Eastern market, touching on Singapore and Hong Kong, where we already have customers. We decided that Design Shanghai – the most prestigious and authoritative event in the designer furniture and lighting sector in Asia – would be the best showcase for our products.”
Enrico Maria Masiero – Ceo

Design Shanghai 2023 – Stand 1B26

At Design Shanghai 2023, Masiero will be showcasing a selection of the brand’s most iconic collections in terms of materials and design, and all rigorously CCC-certified.

Sound STL5 design by Giovanni Battista Gianola
Nappe XL design by Marco Zito
Honicè S100 design by Oriano Favaretto
Horo TL design by Pierre Gonalons

Design Shanghai 2023
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
8-11 June 2023
Stand 1B26

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Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager

Milano Design Week 2023

“This year’s Euroluce is a compelling international event of the highest level for the lighting design sector. With its renewed format, it aims to improve the experience of visitors from all over the world and to showcase the latest innovations introduced by Italy’s lighting companies after four challenging years. We will also be featuring at Fuorisalone, in Brera, with an original installation by Studio MILO named “Oltre la Forma”, to amaze a less specialised public but no less interested in lighting design with particularly decorative solutions”. Enrico Maria Masiero – CEO

Different concepts and spaces for the two Masiero installations on show at Milan Design Week. New designers interpreting their collections based on their different approaches to one of the fundamental aspects of any design project – lighting.

EUROLUCE 2023 – HALL 11 | BOOTH 202

Euroluce 2023 will be very different from the previous ones, with a complete rethinking of the layout of the light fair based on a project by Lombardini 22. A loop-shaped plan will optimise routes taking into the pavillions elements that are typical of city spaces to foster the creation networks and community. An ideal city, enriched by interdisciplinary and experiential cultural content, exhibitions, talks, workshops and installations.

Masiero will present the new indoor and outdoor collections, designed by internationally renowned designers, in a Booth projected by Nooii Agency.

When designing the exhibition space, we placed a strong emphasis on eco-sustainability. Our project features walls made from eco-sustainable, fully recyclable materials, which can be repurposed within the company’s showroom to reduce waste. We will also be installing a garden within the exhibition space, featuring real plants that will later be transplanted to the company’s gardens. Finally, we will use furniture crafted from natural fibers or other materials with a minimal environmental impact. (cit. Nooii Agency).”

HALL 11 | BOOTH 202 18 — 23 April 2023 9.30 am/6.30 pm


In Via Statuto 16, at the heart of the Brera Design District, visitors may admire the fluid and anthropocentric installation “Oltre la Forma” by Studio MILO, showcasing the new surrealist “Visio” collection by the duo Nava + Arosio Studio and “Cordea Giardini” by Favaretto&Partners, both in an exclusive limited edition for the Design Week.

Our inspiration for designing this year’s exhibition, just as it was last year, came from the product. The space was treated as a blank canvas, providing the opportunity to create a bespoke project for the Visio and Cordea collections. At the heart of our design lies the concept of dialogue: between the lamps, architectural elements, and between light and space itself .(cit. Studio Milo).”

Via Statuto 16 – Brera Design District Opening 18-23 April 11 am/9 pm Press Preview 17 April 11 am/6 pm

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Author of the article

Alessia D’Alesio

Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero

Maison&Objet – Paris

“Maison & Objet in Paris is the 2023 first international stop through which we will be promoting our contemporary lighting collections and consolidating the Masiero brand.

We are determined to be present in strategic areas for our market, in constant dialogue with our target public as interior designers and architects”.

Enrico Maria Masiero – Ceo

Set at M&O Today Pavilion (Hall 6/ Booth I48), characterized for contemporary lifestyle products combining originality and innovation, Masiero will show, among others, the latest “Posy” and “Iglù” lighting families, together with “Nappe”, “Horo”, “Sound” and “Honice” longseller collections.

Maison & Objet Paris – Hall 6|Booth I48


  • 19-22 January 09:30 am – 07.00 pm
  • 23 January 09:30 am – 6:00 pm

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Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero

Downtown Design Dubai

Downtown Design, Dubai Design District (D3), 9-12 November 2022, is the third international stop, after Milan Design Week last June, and High Point Market a few weeks ago in US, through which we have been promoting our contemporary lighting collections and consolidating the Masiero brand worldwide.

Renewed energy after the significant Milan Design Week, with which we are determined to be present in strategic areas for our market, in constant dialogue with our target public; I’m thinking about designers in particular”.

Enrico Maria Masiero – Ceo

Masiero will take part to Downtown Design, Middle East’s leading fair for contemporary and high-quality design, showcasing international and regional exhibiting brands, manufacturers and designers, in a partnership with the local company’s partner Huda Lighting, an over twenty years of experience lighting solution provider for projects in the hospitality, retail, commercial, residential or industrial market segment of any type and size.

Masiero at Downtown Design 2022 will show, among others, the new 2022 Posy lighting family, together with Horo and Vegas collections, presented for the first time in a physical trade fair.

Posy Collection
Horo Collection
Vegas Collection

Downtown Design
Dubai Design District (D3) Hall A06

Press Preview: 9 November 12-2 pm


  • 9 November 2-6 pm
  • 10, 11 November 12-8 pm
  • 12 November 12-6 pm

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Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero

High Point Market

MASIERO, is in constant fervor and continues its brand consolidation strategy and its promotion of new collections and iconic items on international markets by participating for the first time in High Point Market (22-26 October 2022), a leading furniture show in the United States, through its subsidiary MASIERO USA LTD.

At the autumn edition of High Point Market, Masiero will be showcasing some of its most representative models in terms of materials and design, alongside the latest collections, Posy and Iglù, premièred at Milan Design Week in June 2022.

Iglù (2022, designed by Oriano Favaretto): a collection of harmonious compositions of metal spheres suspended in mid-air. These fixtures diffuse the light through a protective wire mesh, turning the spheres into true jewels of light. The source is a LED embedded in each sphere, which projects regular patterns onto the surfaces.

Posy (2022, designed by Sara Moroni): a very personal, visually striking yet elegantly minimalist bouquet of light. A brass bar structure in a sleek, brushed galvanic finish supports one or more opal glass diffusers. The collection comes in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes, including single and multiple suspensions or flower-like bunches.

Horo (2021, designed by Pierre Gonalons): great decorative all-rounders, for a collection of ceiling, floor, wall and table lights. A golden metal structure contains a disc of prism-effect glass with a distinctive diamond finish or alternatively of striking marbled-effect glass. In 2021, Horo was honoured with the Good Design Award, a prestigious international award, in the lighting design category.

Vegas (2021, designed by Marc Sadler): inspired by Las Vegas architecture, this is a “Timeless Classic” collection of striking suspension lamps, combining the classicist, geometric style of large Art Deco lamps with a more contemporary pairing of glass and metal via the most advanced craftsmanship methods. Thick glass is subjected to a particular heat process that deliberately deforms the pieces, resulting in exquisite strips of extremely similar but non-identical glass featuring trapped air bubbles – just like the works of the great master glassmakers – giving each lamp an evocative charm of its own.

Nappe (designed by Marco Zito): original suspension lamps offering a contemporary take on tassels, traditionally a decorative element of curtain ties. The project comprises 10 variously shaped metal elements and trims that can be combined together to produce compositions with three, five or ten light sources, arranged in a line, circle or rectangle.

Sound (designed by Giovanni Battista Gianola): a family of stylish lamps that diffuse light through slender metal rings encasing a double circular diffuser in white, blown, silkscreened glass. The fixtures come in striking multiple suspension versions, but also as floor, wall and table lamps, available either in a brilliant brushed gold finish or in an elegant two-tone variant in brushed brass and matte black.

Honicè (designed by Oriano Favaretto): variously sized rectangular slabs of translucent onyx marble, the marmor alabastrum of the ancient Latins, rich in veins and set in a suspended frame of matte gold metal. A LED light source allows the light to filter through the polished onyx diffuser, enhancing the beauty of the surface and its timeless elegance.

Olà (designed by Masiero Lab): first designed more than ten years ago by the Masiero creative laboratory, the simple round or oval structure in painted metal of these fixtures contrasts with the luxurious cascade of pendants in coloured glass or transparent crystals, making the Olà family of lamps one of the brand’s best and longest selling collections.

EVA (designed by Masiero Lab): an evolution, in terms of design and materials, of the classic chandelier, here featuring a polyurethane and resin structure and aluminium shades.

Palm (designed by Mammini Candido): an original modular system of wall lights in the shape of a fan or stylised leaf to be arranged at will. These lamps can be used to form veritable wall decorations due to the extensive range of materials – such as gold leaf, faux leather, fabric and wood – in which the slender metal structure can be coated.

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Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero  

Highlights from Milan Design Week

The Milan design week has come to the end. It’s been a week full of events, during which the city of Milan has returned to the frenetic liveliness that was now just a memory.

Buyers, designers, interior designers, architects, students and even private people have populated the streets of Brera.

Masiero could not miss this long-awaited event and we did it in top style.

From 6 to 12 June we created Rivelazioni, a concept by Studio Milo designed to immerse the visitor in a sensory experience during which to discover the novelties of Masiero and also appreciate the long sellers.

Like a casket enclosing the most precious of jewels, clouds of fabric have gently wrapped the new collections of the Dimore Masiero catalogue: Posy a project born from the creative mind of the designer Sara Moroni.

Iglù, an idea of Oriano Favaretto.

In the location placed in Via Statuto 16 visitors were also able to admire a spectacular installation of Horo, design by Pierre Gonalons: a cascade of suspension in amber tone framed the social wall, with the elegance that distinguishes us.

The long-selling Sound, design by Giovanni Battista Gianola, has illuminated a splendid marble table by Scapin, recreating an intimate and fascinating corner.

The dehor, fully furnished with elements of the company DA A and customized with fabric flags branded Masiero, paid tribute to the summer, hosting guests during the cocktail party on June 9.

Our guests were served by the staff of Spuma, bartender known to give real taste experiences!

Thanks to all those who have made this Fuorisalone a success, we are ready to start working on the next edition!

Milano Design Week 2022

By having to overcome obstacles, the viewer earns a privilege. The best things are those you discover. (Dominique de Menil)

The evocative layout of “Rivelazioni”, the Fuorisalone 2022 installation entrusted to the creativity of Studio MILO, aims to reveal the new Masiero lighting collections little by little, with the gradual delicacy that accompanies the discovery of a precious jewel or a work of art.

Masiero presents two new collections, Posy design by Sara Moroni and Iglù, design by Oriano Favaretto

Iglù, Design by Oriano Favaretto
Posy, design by Sara Moroni

The spatiality of the location in Via Statuto 16 will be also a soft shell inside which will be celebrated an installation of the iconic Horo by Pierre Gonalons and Sound by Giovanni Battista Gianola.

RIVELAZIONI Brera Design District – Via Statuto 16 – Milan

Press Preview, Monday 6 June from 11 am to 7 pm


  • 6 June 11 am – 7 pm
  • 7, 8, 10 June 11 am – 9 pm
  • 9 June 11 am– 10 pm
  • 12 June 11 am – 6 pm

You could find us also at the Salone del Mobile at the partners:

Trabà / Hall 10 Stand E08
Carpanese Home / Hall 03 Stand G14
Fasolin / Hall 08 Stand B35

As well as at the Fondazione delle Stelline, Corso Magenta 61 – Milan, partner of “Il Paradiso” by Pierre Gonalons and at the Spazio Medelhan via Carlo Torre 28, Milan.

Paris Design Week 2021: meet us at Hotel de Sully

Masiero is pleased to announce its presence at the personal exhibition of Pierre Gonalons on the occasion of Paris Design Week 2021. The designer and interior designer Pierre Gonalons is the creative mind of the Horo collection by Masiero, which will be exhibited in the beautiful setting of the Orangerie of the Hôtel de Sully, located in the heart of the Saint-Paul district in central Paris.

Visitors are invited to enter this architectural jewel to discover this secret Orangerie, exceptionally open to the public, as an invitation to the summer salon of a large French residence.

The four seasons are the theme of this poetic walk through the unique visual universe of the designer.

It is in this furniture inspired by his favorite places, such as the Fortuny Palace in Venice or his country house hidden in the outskirts of Paris, pastel colors, refined and elegant, that Horo finds the perfect location, with its minimal style at times vintage.

The new marble effect glass finish presented in 2021 adds to the Horo family a greater decorative atout, which makes it both on and off an element with an extremely characterized design but at the same time usable in both modern and classic contexts.

The exhibition is open from 9 to 18 September, from 11 to 19, with entrance to No. 5 Place des Vosges, 75004 Paris and No. 48 Rue Saint-Antoine, 75004 Paris

Discover more on Hotel de Sully     

Masiero presents its Gold Edition

2021 is an important year in the history of Masiero, marking as it does the company’s 40th anniversary – four decades and two generations in the high-end decorative lighting sector, bearing witness to its strong commitment in this industry.

We have decided to celebrate our first 40 years in business with a special collection based on an enriched version of five of our iconic, most representative pieces. The five chandeliers, in different styles and materials, will all be coated in gold. Each of the five models will be produced in just 40 pieces: a limited edition attesting to 40 years of all-Italian design and tailoring excellence

(Enrico Maria Masiero, CEO at Masiero)

In April 2021, “Honicè”, “Horo”, “Nappe”, “Olà’” and “Maria Teresa” will be showcased in a special new Gold Edition.

Click here to discover the Gold Edition collection


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