Highlights from Salone del Mobile.Milano 2023

Visio design Nava+Arosio
Posy design by Sara Moroni
Cordea design Favaretto/Partners
Horo design by Pierre Gonalons
Ebe design by Nicola Gallizia
Nappe design Marco Zito
Tee design by Valerio Cometti + V12 Design
Honicè design by Oriano Favaretto

What is dimmable light?

What is dimmable? Dimmability is a LED technology that allows you to adjust the intensity of light. It represents an innovative way of managing light in domestic spaces and beyond.

The adjective dimmerabile comes from the Anglo-Saxon language and means “lower”. Thanks to this technology, the intensity of light can therefore be adjusted, ensuring maximum luminous comfort in domestic and public spaces, all managed through analog or wireless solutions.

It’s enough a touch to have a light more or less intense: the space adapts to your needs changing shape based on your wishes and needs.

The use of dimmable integrated LED lamps is perfect for areas such as the living room, the relaxation area, the study or the bedroom, as well as for the dining room of a restaurant or a lounge bar. The whole mood of the room changes as the intensity of the light changes, creating new light and shadow effects.

Masiero has used dimmable light technology in different collections, whether in suspension and ceiling lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps, allowing full autonomy in the management of ambient lighting

For example, with the suspensions and wall lamps from the Honicé collection by Oriano Favaretto, the simplicity of the lines is reflected on the walls, creating different reflections based on the intensity of light. Honicè is an illuminated sculpture perfect for the living room, to which it will give preciousness and refinement.

Cupole design by Marco Zito is also part of the led dimmable suspension lamps. This chandelier that recalls the domes of the bell towers of the Venetian churches, creates a play of light thanks to the construction that provides a double light source, one in the lantern and one in the dome.

The light emanating from this lamp recalls the glimpses of light coming from the churches and becomes even more soft and romantic lowering the intensity, until it becomes a halo of light that warms the corners of the home.

You can also choose the dimmable light for the reading area, close to your favourite armchair.

Sound floor lamp design by Giovanni Battista Gianola, will be an elegant piece of furniture that will guide you in your favourite readings.

If you love to read in bed, Horo’s table lamp design by Pierre Gonalons will bring a touch of design to your room, making the atmosphere elegantly restful.

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero


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