Dimore Catalogue 2022

Each product has its own history, its origins. A long process, made up of times of reflection, of comparisons, of experimentation. Everything comes from a creative twist that is molded to take shape.

This year we have decided to present two new collections to the market, the result of the collaboration with two designers with well-known experience in the world of lighting design.

Sara Moroni, new entry in the parterre of designers who collaborate with Masiero

and Oriano Favaretto, a partnership already tested thanks to Honicè and Ribbon, signed by the designer for Masiero.

The two collections are presented in the Dimore catalogue, completely renewed in look, designed by Artemio Croatto and his staff from the Designwork studio.

The creative direction of the shots was entrusted to NOOII Agency, the print to the professionalism of Grafiche Antiga.

Our new catalogue is the result of the collaboration of professional people inside and outside the company, who have worked with passion and dedication and that is why we are thrilled to present it!

Catalogo Dimore 2022

Ogni prodotto ha la sua storia, le sue origini. Un processo lungo, fatto di tempi di riflessione, di confronti, di sperimentazioni. Tutto nasce da un guizzo creativo che viene plasmato fino a prendere forma.

Quest’anno abbiamo deciso di presentare al mercato due nuove collezioni, frutto della collaborazione con due designer dalla conclamata esperienza nel mondo della luce.

Sara Moroni, new entry nel parterre dei designer che collaborano con Masiero

e Oriano Favaretto, partnership già collaudata grazie a Honicè e Ribbon, firmati dal designer per Masiero.

Le due collezioni sono presentate all’interno del catalogo Dimore, completamente rinnovato nel look, ideato da Artemio Croatto e il suo staff dello studio Designwork.

La direzione creativa degli scatti è stata affidata a NOOII Agency, la stampa alla professionalità di Grafiche Antiga.

Il nostro nuovo catalogo è il risultato della collaborazione di professionisti interni ed esterni all’azienda, che hanno lavorato con passione e dedizione ed è per questo che siamo entusiasti di presentarlo!

Ancient Greece as a source of inspiration for Olympya

Good taste and balance are the hallmark of the new Olympya chandelier, inspired from ancient Greece – the cradle of beauty and cultur. Its simplicity of form is counterbalanced by the excellence of the materials and by its craftmanship.

The central structure of Olympya resonates of a Greek temple; the metal frame is tinted in a refined galvanic finish and covered in transparent glass. Metal and glass are the hallmarks of the arms, which branch out from the central structure and punctuate the space around them with geometric patterns.

Each arm is rendered unique by very special oval pendants in “Crek” style glass, a typical hand-made process which allows the incorporation of small air bubbles, making each drop a unique piece.

Minimalism and contemporaneity are the keywords of Ribbon

2021 sees the Dimore catalogue enriched by a collection whose key words are contemporary lightness of its lines, purity of materials and minimalism of colour.

Ribbon welds together the metal elements and combines them with light in a unique way. The metal frame, which is given hues of opaque black, gathers together transparent glass lozenges which are lit up by LED strips placed on a special section within the frame.

The glass lozenges light up with unexpected reflections which confer extreme purity and crispness to the light.

Raqam, the star in Riyadh

Thanks to the fruitful collaboration between Masiero Lab, the multidisciplinary R&D team inside the company, and the Interior designer Racha Kayali, founder of RK Interior Architecture Studio, Saudi Arabia, a stunning project was completed in a private villa in Riyadh.

Luxury, modern lines and elegance are the stars of the Raqam installation which consists of a chandelier composition, complete with wall lamps designed specifically for this project!

Horo lights up the Rupture Cafè in Paris

Two shop fronts at 11 Rue du Vertbois, in the upper Marais, for the new Rupture store and creative record label founded by Alexander Sap.

The project was given over to the interior designer Pierre Gonalons, who adhered to the genuine spirit and history of the locale, true to the memories of the legendary Drugstore Saint Germain, which in the Paris of the sixties was a bar, restaurant, tobacconist and emporium.

The space is totally lit up by the Horo collection, designed by Pierre Gonalons for Masiero in 2020.

There are three single suspensions, one triple-unit suspension, two wall lamps and one table lamp, all in pink glass perfectly in synch with the mood of the place!

HORO collection designed by Pierre Gonalons

The symbol of a disc of light is as old as the world itself, a universal symbol and an infinite source of inspiration.

Pierre Gonalons, a great lover of the shape of the circle with its references ranging from the Egyptian god Ra to the golden sun, to the eye of Horus, has designed a collection of suspensions, floor lamps, wall and table lamps with frames in gilded metal that house a glass disc prism, with an exclusive diamond point finish.

A minimal, simple, almost graphic shape that takes on a vintage flavor with distinctive metal and glass finishes: a brushed brass finish has been selected for the metal, and the glass disc, in addition to its transparency, boasts a highly semitransparent palate. refined colors, including light blue, powder pink, smoky gray and vibrant green.

“The combination of finishes and colors creates an excellent balance between the Italian design inspiration of the 1950s and the highly contemporary innovative creation”,

says Pierre Gonalons.

The Horo collection is designed to scenically illuminate both residential and commercial spaces, such as hotels or offices.


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