High Point Market

MASIERO, is in constant fervor and continues its brand consolidation strategy and its promotion of new collections and iconic items on international markets by participating for the first time in High Point Market (22-26 October 2022), a leading furniture show in the United States, through its subsidiary MASIERO USA LTD.

At the autumn edition of High Point Market, Masiero will be showcasing some of its most representative models in terms of materials and design, alongside the latest collections, Posy and Iglù, premièred at Milan Design Week in June 2022.

Iglù (2022, designed by Oriano Favaretto): a collection of harmonious compositions of metal spheres suspended in mid-air. These fixtures diffuse the light through a protective wire mesh, turning the spheres into true jewels of light. The source is a LED embedded in each sphere, which projects regular patterns onto the surfaces.

Posy (2022, designed by Sara Moroni): a very personal, visually striking yet elegantly minimalist bouquet of light. A brass bar structure in a sleek, brushed galvanic finish supports one or more opal glass diffusers. The collection comes in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes, including single and multiple suspensions or flower-like bunches.

Horo (2021, designed by Pierre Gonalons): great decorative all-rounders, for a collection of ceiling, floor, wall and table lights. A golden metal structure contains a disc of prism-effect glass with a distinctive diamond finish or alternatively of striking marbled-effect glass. In 2021, Horo was honoured with the Good Design Award, a prestigious international award, in the lighting design category.

Vegas (2021, designed by Marc Sadler): inspired by Las Vegas architecture, this is a “Timeless Classic” collection of striking suspension lamps, combining the classicist, geometric style of large Art Deco lamps with a more contemporary pairing of glass and metal via the most advanced craftsmanship methods. Thick glass is subjected to a particular heat process that deliberately deforms the pieces, resulting in exquisite strips of extremely similar but non-identical glass featuring trapped air bubbles – just like the works of the great master glassmakers – giving each lamp an evocative charm of its own.

Nappe (designed by Marco Zito): original suspension lamps offering a contemporary take on tassels, traditionally a decorative element of curtain ties. The project comprises 10 variously shaped metal elements and trims that can be combined together to produce compositions with three, five or ten light sources, arranged in a line, circle or rectangle.

Sound (designed by Giovanni Battista Gianola): a family of stylish lamps that diffuse light through slender metal rings encasing a double circular diffuser in white, blown, silkscreened glass. The fixtures come in striking multiple suspension versions, but also as floor, wall and table lamps, available either in a brilliant brushed gold finish or in an elegant two-tone variant in brushed brass and matte black.

Honicè (designed by Oriano Favaretto): variously sized rectangular slabs of translucent onyx marble, the marmor alabastrum of the ancient Latins, rich in veins and set in a suspended frame of matte gold metal. A LED light source allows the light to filter through the polished onyx diffuser, enhancing the beauty of the surface and its timeless elegance.

Olà (designed by Masiero Lab): first designed more than ten years ago by the Masiero creative laboratory, the simple round or oval structure in painted metal of these fixtures contrasts with the luxurious cascade of pendants in coloured glass or transparent crystals, making the Olà family of lamps one of the brand’s best and longest selling collections.

EVA (designed by Masiero Lab): an evolution, in terms of design and materials, of the classic chandelier, here featuring a polyurethane and resin structure and aluminium shades.

Palm (designed by Mammini Candido): an original modular system of wall lights in the shape of a fan or stylised leaf to be arranged at will. These lamps can be used to form veritable wall decorations due to the extensive range of materials – such as gold leaf, faux leather, fabric and wood – in which the slender metal structure can be coated.

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Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero  

Interior lighting design: our suggestions

Lighting design is one of the most important elements in the decoration of a living space.

Choosing the right lighting strikes a balance between style, functionality and personal taste.

The Covid involved a radical change in the life habits of each of us and the priorities in our lives.

Reclaiming the spaces, making your home cozy and functional, reflecting the personality of those who live it has become a widespread priority.

Less is more has become a statement useful to interior decor and also to the choice of lamps.

Horo, designed by Pierre Gonalons, with its simple and essential lines, certainly goes in this direction. The simplicity and the ability to decorate with taste and various spaces make Horo a winning choice!

Another focus of the season is the passion for retro atmospheres. The time of solitary confinement that we spent has made us nostalgic, eager to recreate the world of our childhood, or that golden age that we dream of being able to live again. So also in the interior lighting we see the return to the 60’s and 70’s, to the economic and creative boom that has involved the whole world.

Vegas designed by Marc Sadler is a collection of sculptural volumes, precious and impactful, that illuminates the house with a sign of style very marked.

The passion for retro and vintage taste will certainly make you appreciate Olympya design by Masiero Lab, which with its classic shapes and reassuring colors is a choice of lighting design that will accompany you over time.

Sustainability and attention to the environment are values that are back in vogue. So natural materials enjoy a renewed interest.

Flashwood design by Giovanni Battista Gianola is the Masiero’s suggestion made of wood with integrated LED lighting, in full respect of the environment.

We talked about current trends in interior lighting design, but what really matters when choosing the lighting of your home is harmony. The house is the place where you share family experiences or take refuge in the intimacy of a time for yourself. All this requires harmony in the colors, in the shapes, in the space that you live.

The creation of a warm and welcoming space goes through the choice of interior lighting, which contributes to create the right atmosphere for each of these moments. The balance between aesthetics and functionality, design and practicality is the focus of Masiero’s lighting proposals.

Choosing designer lamps for your spaces means leaving an imprint of your personality, making the space unique, modeling the light and shadows, shapes and lines, colors and volumes. I mean, make it real.

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero

Entrance lighting

The entrance of the house is the point of union between inside and outside, it represents the space of conjunction of two different worlds.

The lighting of the entrance is particularly important and difficult to do, having to respect a precise balance, the existing one between the outside world and a space shared with everyone and your personal space. The space dedicated to you and the people you love begins on the doorstep, representing a moment of familiarity for you and your loved ones and the prelude to what awaits.

If you are lucky enough to own a large foyer, rich in natural light and space, it is easy to create a wow effect, ranging between different styles depending on your taste.

You can choose a rain of color with the Vollee composition, a collection born from an idea of the duo of designer Lorenz+Kaz. Your foyer will be the theater where a representation of design and color will be staged.

If you’re a glass and metal lover, Vegas designed by Marc Sadler is the perfect light sculpture for you.

You can light up your space playing with different size elements, creating compositions similar to the sparkle of Las Vegas.

Different is your choice of solutions offered by Masiero if you are an admirer of classical chandeliers.

You can visually illuminate your entrance with an iconic piece of Venetian tradition, the Maria Teresa, the classic chandelier built with arms covered in glass and dressed with pendants.

Another solution is represented by Raqam, a led modular lighting system, born from the creative genius of Marc Sadler, that lends itself to infinite shapes combinations.

Raqam will allow you a perfect customization of your entrance lights, which no one else in the world will own.

For an optimal result create the lighting of the entrance in continuity with the style of the next space.

If you love modern style, the lamps with a contemporary taste are the right choice for you.

If you are an admirer of the timeless classic you can choose between icons inherited from the past.

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero


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