Highlights from Design Shangai Week 2023

Nappe design by Marco Zito
Horo design by Pierre Gonalons
Sound design by Giovanni Battista Gianola
Honicè design by Oriano Favaretto
Horo design by Pierre Gonalons

Design Shanghai 2023

MASIERO opens in China and showcases its most representative collections at 2023 Design Shanghai (8-11 June), one of the leading events in China’s designer furniture and lighting sector.

Masiero takes up the challenge of the Chinese luxury design market and opens its first Asian branch in Shanghai – the third worldwide, alongside North America and the Emirates.The Treviso-based Group, with HQ and production facilities in Casale sul Sile (TV), where the company was founded in the early ’80s, is specialised in the production and distribution of high-end lighting, especially on a bespoke basis.And it is precisely custom projects that will form the focus of the company’s presence in China, and in Asia in general.

Enrico Maria Masiero comments: “In China, we will position ourselves exclusively at the top-end of the market, offering highly decorative lighting solutions to a high potential market.When we decided to open a branch this year, we focused on the area of Shanghai due to its large high-end local market and numerous architecture studios. After China, we aim to expand more generally into the Eastern market, touching on Singapore and Hong Kong, where we already have customers. We decided that Design Shanghai – the most prestigious and authoritative event in the designer furniture and lighting sector in Asia – would be the best showcase for our products.”
Enrico Maria Masiero – Ceo

Design Shanghai 2023 – Stand 1B26

At Design Shanghai 2023, Masiero will be showcasing a selection of the brand’s most iconic collections in terms of materials and design, and all rigorously CCC-certified.

Sound STL5 design by Giovanni Battista Gianola
Nappe XL design by Marco Zito
Honicè S100 design by Oriano Favaretto
Horo TL design by Pierre Gonalons

Design Shanghai 2023
Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center
8-11 June 2023
Stand 1B26

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Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager

Highlights from Milan Design Week

The Milan design week has come to the end. It’s been a week full of events, during which the city of Milan has returned to the frenetic liveliness that was now just a memory.

Buyers, designers, interior designers, architects, students and even private people have populated the streets of Brera.

Masiero could not miss this long-awaited event and we did it in top style.

From 6 to 12 June we created Rivelazioni, a concept by Studio Milo designed to immerse the visitor in a sensory experience during which to discover the novelties of Masiero and also appreciate the long sellers.

Like a casket enclosing the most precious of jewels, clouds of fabric have gently wrapped the new collections of the Dimore Masiero catalogue: Posy a project born from the creative mind of the designer Sara Moroni.

Iglù, an idea of Oriano Favaretto.

In the location placed in Via Statuto 16 visitors were also able to admire a spectacular installation of Horo, design by Pierre Gonalons: a cascade of suspension in amber tone framed the social wall, with the elegance that distinguishes us.

The long-selling Sound, design by Giovanni Battista Gianola, has illuminated a splendid marble table by Scapin, recreating an intimate and fascinating corner.

The dehor, fully furnished with elements of the company DA A and customized with fabric flags branded Masiero, paid tribute to the summer, hosting guests during the cocktail party on June 9.

Our guests were served by the staff of Spuma, bartender known to give real taste experiences!

Thanks to all those who have made this Fuorisalone a success, we are ready to start working on the next edition!

Milano Design Week 2022

By having to overcome obstacles, the viewer earns a privilege. The best things are those you discover. (Dominique de Menil)

The evocative layout of “Rivelazioni”, the Fuorisalone 2022 installation entrusted to the creativity of Studio MILO, aims to reveal the new Masiero lighting collections little by little, with the gradual delicacy that accompanies the discovery of a precious jewel or a work of art.

Masiero presents two new collections, Posy design by Sara Moroni and Iglù, design by Oriano Favaretto

Iglù, Design by Oriano Favaretto
Posy, design by Sara Moroni

The spatiality of the location in Via Statuto 16 will be also a soft shell inside which will be celebrated an installation of the iconic Horo by Pierre Gonalons and Sound by Giovanni Battista Gianola.

RIVELAZIONI Brera Design District – Via Statuto 16 – Milan

Press Preview, Monday 6 June from 11 am to 7 pm


  • 6 June 11 am – 7 pm
  • 7, 8, 10 June 11 am – 9 pm
  • 9 June 11 am– 10 pm
  • 12 June 11 am – 6 pm

You could find us also at the Salone del Mobile at the partners:

Trabà / Hall 10 Stand E08
Carpanese Home / Hall 03 Stand G14
Fasolin / Hall 08 Stand B35

As well as at the Fondazione delle Stelline, Corso Magenta 61 – Milan, partner of “Il Paradiso” by Pierre Gonalons and at the Spazio Medelhan via Carlo Torre 28, Milan.

Christmas in Italy

The cold and shorten days are getting closer, lights start to bright in the streets decorated with red and green details, and huge Christmas trees appear in the main squares. People hurry across the streets with a lot of packages in their hands, bagpipers play Christmas melodies all around, and Babbo Natale give candies to the children. The Christmas atmosphere is really felt in the Bel Paese since this holiday is one of the most important ones in the country. Although there are commons traits, the magic of Natale is different all over the world. This is the perfect occasion to meet up with your family, sit around the table and enjoy a delicious and exquisite menu. The charm of this day lasts until late, while playing board games, tasting Italian delicacies and good wines, and unwrapping all the presents! Italians really like to decorate their home, and the choice of the right lighting it is fundamental to create the perfect atmosphere and here we would to show you the several suggestion come from Masiero!

If you live in a country cottage, Libe with its wood frame and the precious diffuser in opaque crystal lozenges could be perfect for lights up your favourite armchair, looking the snow and delight in the warmth of the fireplace.

Are you in love with the gold and white? A Leaf gold Dame suspension composition will be the excellent choice for your modern living room, next to your amazing Christmas tree!  

Simplicity and good taste are your keywords. If the snow is falling outside and you don’t like the cold, take a sit on your sofa with your favourite book, light up the Sound and enjoy your home.  

Are you crazy for Christmas? Treat yourself a piece of the Masiero Limited Gold Edition! A special dress for the iconic Masiero’s collection celebrate the 40th anniversary of the company. A gold plated finishing make the products unique! You could choose the Nappe, and place them close to your bed as little jewels.  

If you want to make your living room shining, Olà is the best solution to bring a sparkling touch!

You are a lover of classical chandelier: Maria Teresa is the perfect mix between classic and modern thanks to the traditional shape and the led lighting technology, the modern trend of light source!

You can not give up to a touch of vintage: Horo with its simple line and the ‘50s style in this limited edition with the glass in gold tone is your masterpiece.  

Honicè will be the special guest on your festive table! Simple line, block color and an iconic design are the winner ingredients of your secret recipe!

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero

How to manage light in a reading corner

Choosing the right light is essential in creating your own relaxing corner at home.

Intensity, position and kind of lighting can make the difference when in the evening, you relax by dedicating yourself to the noble art of reading.

Imagine coming home after a long work day. The only thing you want is to relax, letting yourself be pampered by the embrace of your favorite armchair, with your reading lamp as a silent companion, immersing yourself in the imaginary world of your favorite novel.

What could be more relaxing than a reading corner made to measure for you, with extreme care and attention? The color of the walls, the furnishings and of course the light, which accompanies you at all times of the day, changing according to your needs.

When you think about relaxation, the first words that come to mind are tranquility, serenity and comfort. How to concretely transfer them to your reading corner? Start with the piece of furniture on which you will relax with your book. It could be a comfortable armchair, perhaps with a retro taste and near the window overlooking the garden, or a soft and comfortable sofa. Once you have found the perfect place, customize it with objects that talk about you, it will make you feel at ease. The choice of light will be crucial, since the lamp will choose at the same time a functional piece of furniture and will be at your reading, providing you with the right light to give you pages and pages of adventures without straining your eyes.

Which reading lamp to choose? The alternatives are essentially two: the floor or table lamp. The first generates a more diffused light, which descends from the other to illuminate the pages. If you have a tea table next to your reading corner, you can opt for a table lamp that creates a more intimate atmosphere.

If you have opted for floor lamps, you can choose between Blake, with its minimal and captivating design, it will also give a touch of grit to the environment. The black frame and the diffuser in Venetian glass plates make this lamp easily combinable with different colors of furniture.

If you are a lover of softer and more captivating shapes, Eva is the perfect product for you. The wide range of colors offered in the catalogue allows you to choose the one that best fits your room.

If you are a fan of retro taste, Horo with its glass diffuser available in different finishes and colors will illuminate your readings with the eye of light which, by turning the lamp, you can direct it towards you.

Design will enter your home thanks to the Sound floor lamp, an iconic product of the Dimore Masiero catalogue. If you choose the LED version, you can modulate the light thanks to the dimmer according to your needs and moods

For your reading table, on the other hand, a lamp like Marco Zito’s Cupole is the design solution that will bring a touch of Venetian style to your home. This product is also available in the floor version.

If you are a lover of the classic revisited in a modern way, the Darshan table lamp is your perfect choice. Entirely covered in leather, it is available in 3 colors.

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero

Lighting ideas for open-space kitchen and living room

The open space kitchen and living room was born in American architecture and is increasingly popular in Italians homes. It is a focal space of the house, the one where the family comes together to spend time together and share conviviality thanks to the large spaces reformulated on a human scale.

Within the space it is appropriate to delimit the areas, distinguishing the kitchen from the dining room and the living area. To do this in addition to the furniture you can use the lighting design to emphasize this distinction.

The search for lighting solutions of an open space should start from the study of space. The most important lighting points should also be chosen according to the type of lighting you want, recessed spotlights, LED spotlights or chandeliers.

The furniture plays a primary role in the choice: a suspension in the middle of the room integrates perfectly with an elegant and classic space, while minimal solutions such as spotlights or design suspensions illuminate better a minimal space. In the choice it is to consider that straight and geometric lines follow the verticality of modern furniture, while the rounder shapes can soften the whole.

Thanks to the creation of separate areas within a single space the family will have the areas suitable for every moment. A very important light point is the one that will light up the dining table, where the moments of conviviality are spent.

The relax area, with its sofas and armchairs, is the most relaxing heart of the house where you can spend your free time having long evenings chatting, reading books and watching movies with friends and it needs a dedicated lighting.

The ideal is to establish more points of light in this area, perhaps using floor lamps next to the armchair, rather than a chandelier that lightly illuminates the room or spotlights that are the ideal solution in the darkest corners. To light up a dining table or the island in the kitchen, it is ideal to choose a suspension with a straight and clean line.

You can range from the Olà collection, choosing the oval suspension, perfect to illuminate the kitchen island giving a touch of preciousness

to the billiards of the Sound, which is characterized by the characteristic shape and minimal at the same time.

The living area needs a more intimate atmosphere, to be illuminated with the elegant crystal pearls of Cristalis

or with the captivating design of Blink

or with Crek and its precious handmade glass plates.

You can add a touch of color with soft light by choosing Cupole.

If there are areas of particular interest for architecture or furniture elements to enhance, you can use wall lamps that allow you to light up even the most narrow areas as corners and niches. Among Masiero’s various proposals in terms of wall lamps, Palm stands out for its originality and flexibility, being a modular wall decoration system.

If you need to renew the lighting of the open space kitchen-living room, but you do not want to undertake a whole path of lighting design, you will simply replace the suspension of the room with something special.

You can choose Olympya: changing even a single detail so important will give new life to the entire room.

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero

What is dimmable light?

What is dimmable? Dimmability is a LED technology that allows you to adjust the intensity of light. It represents an innovative way of managing light in domestic spaces and beyond.

The adjective dimmerabile comes from the Anglo-Saxon language and means “lower”. Thanks to this technology, the intensity of light can therefore be adjusted, ensuring maximum luminous comfort in domestic and public spaces, all managed through analog or wireless solutions.

It’s enough a touch to have a light more or less intense: the space adapts to your needs changing shape based on your wishes and needs.

The use of dimmable integrated LED lamps is perfect for areas such as the living room, the relaxation area, the study or the bedroom, as well as for the dining room of a restaurant or a lounge bar. The whole mood of the room changes as the intensity of the light changes, creating new light and shadow effects.

Masiero has used dimmable light technology in different collections, whether in suspension and ceiling lamps, wall lamps or floor lamps, allowing full autonomy in the management of ambient lighting

For example, with the suspensions and wall lamps from the Honicé collection by Oriano Favaretto, the simplicity of the lines is reflected on the walls, creating different reflections based on the intensity of light. Honicè is an illuminated sculpture perfect for the living room, to which it will give preciousness and refinement.

Cupole design by Marco Zito is also part of the led dimmable suspension lamps. This chandelier that recalls the domes of the bell towers of the Venetian churches, creates a play of light thanks to the construction that provides a double light source, one in the lantern and one in the dome.

The light emanating from this lamp recalls the glimpses of light coming from the churches and becomes even more soft and romantic lowering the intensity, until it becomes a halo of light that warms the corners of the home.

You can also choose the dimmable light for the reading area, close to your favourite armchair.

Sound floor lamp design by Giovanni Battista Gianola, will be an elegant piece of furniture that will guide you in your favourite readings.

If you love to read in bed, Horo’s table lamp design by Pierre Gonalons will bring a touch of design to your room, making the atmosphere elegantly restful.

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero

How to manage living room lighting

Choosing the correct lighting for the living room is very complex and requires special attention, because very different activities take place in this area of ​​the house. This space is in fact used for leisure, conviviality, relax, sometimes for work and must therefore be welcoming and comfortable.

There are several factors to consider when choosing the lighting in the living room, such as the size of the room, the natural light present, the furnishings style and, last but not least, how you intend to use this area of ​​the house.

When managing space, it is essential to identify the activities that take place there, in order to choose the most functional light. As far as style is concerned, it is essential that the design of the lights integrate with that of the furnishings, playing with the same leitmotiv or with contrasts, as long as they are studied.

The choice of the type of lighting is wide, it can range from suspensions to retractable spotlights, from wall lamps to floor lamps and table lamps, with classic or contemporary style, country, vintage or shabby chic, made in the most varied materials and shades of infinite color.

In order to better illuminate the living room it is essential to ensure the right light throughout the space, creating:

  • General lighting through a central chandelier
  • An intermediate lighting, ideal for emphasizing a specific area, such as the bookcase
  • Accent lighting, with a purely decorative purpose

Masiero offers a wide range of products suitable for lighting the living room.

Se hai una stanza di grandi dimensioni e sei amante del classico rivisitato con il colore, il Maria Teresain vetro colorato è perfetto per te.

If, on the other hand, you are a lover of the classic revisited in a modern way, you can choose between Darshan in its different colors

Vertical view of contemporary main room

and Olympya, where you can use a mix of suspension and wall lamp to light up your home.

Are you looking for a chandelier that has a different allure between on and off? Horo with marble effect glass is perfect for you.

If there is a dining table in the living room, you will need to think about adequately lighting it, to see well during dinner and chat pleasantly with the diners. Vegas will make your table sparkle providing the functionality of illuminating evenly.

If the living room is small, you can make it welcoming by choosing wall lamps, such as the Palm, a real wall decoration system.

Ceiling lamps that radiate light evenly are also an excellent choice.

Depending on your taste, you could choose a piece from the Impero&Deco collection, such as the VE 760 available in different shapes and sizes.

Vertical view of contemporary main room

If you want to create a reading corner, it is appropriate to use a floor lamp to be placed next to an armchair. The floor lamp will guarantee the correct light to read without straining the eyes.

Ideal for highlighting the room, the Sound floor lamp will give character to your living room, just like the Horo floor lamp.

Lighting is really essential in the living room, as it can be a functional and decorative object at the same time. Our proposal is really wide, suitable to satisfy the most varied style and size needs. Our proposal is really wide, suitable to satisfy the most varied style and size needs.

Author of the article
Alessia D’Alesio
Global Marketing & Communication Manager, Masiero


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